Anna Katharina Muench                                                         Apothecarie Artistique


Growing up in Switzerland but living since in many different countries, I have long been influenced by cultures and their relationship to their environments.

Studies brought me, among others, to Tuareg nomads in the desert, where I shared life in their tents for three years. In my book, Nomadic Women's Health Practice, it is described how Tamasheq women deal with sickness and health in their daily life.

Visualizing and translating experiences through the language of art has accompanied me since early age. These days, I live again back where my roots are, mainly painting and creating in my studio.

Always roaming about for new inspiration, I am a nomad in my being and my doing, appreciating the flexibility in thought and space. My physical and mental journeys lead me into the depths of humanity, of animals and plants, into the immanence of life itself. By reflecting the magical connectedness between environment and living being, I express the precious details of the moment through my art.

The word "apothecary" derives from ancient Greek which designates "repository", or "storehouse" for merchandise with reference to good health. Since looking at art can touch us deep inside and evoke a sensual pleasure, I consider visual arts as materia medica that can be sold in an apothecary shop. Of course, the spelling of Apothecarie Artistique is invented, nevertheless I am trying to combine in my store the highest quality ingredients to create moments where you can dream, relax and allow yourself a mental journey into the universal beauty of nature."